About Villa Firenze

Welcome to Villa Firenze

We are a family owned Italian restaurant that has been in business for over 25 years. My grandparents started this restaurant in 1991, and my parents continued the tradition for well over a decade. I am now honoured to be its third generation owner and operator. Our family has always been passionate about traditional Italian cuisine. Lovingly guarded and handed down over the years, our recipes come with a rich history.


Each one of the dishes at Villa Firenze transforms fresh, local Italian ingredients into seductive textures and memorable flavours. Our showcased signature dishes – pastas, sausage, sauces, dressings and desserts – owe their satisfying flavours to the fact that they are homemade on site. We truly provide an authentic Italian experience.


Italian food and wine go hand in hand. Our servers are knowledgeable and would be pleased to suggest pairings to compliment your food choices. Sit down, be comfortable, and enjoy what we have created for you. Feel free to ask your server any questions you may have. When you are under our roof, around our table, we think of you as family.


The History

The Tudda family immigrated to Calgary in the summer of 1954. After observing how popular their traditional Italian cooking was amongst family and friends, they began thinking about opening their own restaurant. They opened a small pizzeria, which instantly became a huge success. Four tables turned into six, and before the family knew it there were line-ups out the door. The popularity of this little pizzeria led to the opening of Stromboli Inn in 1972. Located in the heart of Kensington, Stromboli Inn was renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and its delicious home cooking.


In 1991 Joe and Teresa along with their four children Pina, Peter, Marianne, and Domenic opened their second restaurant, Villa Firenze. Villa Firenze restaurant has provided a welcoming, elegant, and reliable dining experience over the years. It is renowned for its signature Portobello Mushroom dish, and its fabulous home style Italian cooking. Villa Firenze Restaurant is currently owned and run by Joe’s grandson Tony Nicastro. Tony continues to uphold his grandfather’s legacy by maintaining his level of quality and passion.